Christo Stefanoff exibited before the 2nd world war in Budapest, Bukarest, Belgrade, Trieste, Venice, Rome, Naples, Madrid, Barcelona, Warsaw, Morocco, Algeria, Cairo, Jerusalem, Paris, Lyons, Casablanca, Damascus, Bagdad, Ankara, Adrianople, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo. He painted portraits of Mussolini, the Spanish president Zamora, the president of Switzerland Motta, the Hindu poet Rabindranath Tagore, Greta Garbo, Conrad Veidt. The paintings of C.Stefanoff were in the private collections of Boris III King of Bulgaria, Victor Emmanuel of Italy, Horthy, the Regent of Hungary, Wilhelmina the Queen of the Netherlands as well as in numerous museums.

Professor Christo Stefanoff

          Considered to be one of Europe's most famous artists. Master of colour and light. Perhaps one of the greatest painters of the modern era, faithful disciple of Rembrandt and Van Gogh, Christo Stefanoff of Bulgarian descent. Instead of putting oils on the canvas with a brush, Prof. Stefanoff has perfected the technique of "laying them on" with a palette-knife, a method which gives many of his paintings a third dimensional appearance. His every works represent a classical form and light flows in every detail. The portrait especially characterizes his work. Tragic personage inspired by the war period, biblical scenes or characters from master pieces take life in his paintings and form a strange world of light and beauty. The studio of Prof. Christo Stefanoff was an art sanctuary which attracted thousands of visitors to Val David. He exhibited in many capitals of the world and the critics of the greatest publication shave paid homage to him.The collection is abundant and varied. It includes more than a hundred works, from pencil drawings to very large oil paintings.